Thursday, July 07, 2005

T-Mobile To Go :: Sidekicks

Hello Readers,

A week ago I received a Sidekick 1 color. I went to my local T-Mobile kiosk at my local mall and asked if they could activate the To Go plan ($1.00 a day for unlimited: Text Messaging, AIM, Web Browsing, and E-mail). The Sidekick 1 color does not have the software in it to handle the To Go plan. Only the Sidekick II can be used for T-Mobile To Go.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

How I Would Change The Sidekick (Hiptop) II

--Just a note: Sorry I haven't updated this in a while, I've just been so busy!

The things I would change about the sidekick II:

  • Danger should make a Hiptop that runs on CDMA Technology. Therefore making a CDMA carrier, such as Sprint or Verizon, support it.
  • Make MMS Available on it. (I believe this feature is not available with T-Mobile)
  • Better Camera
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Saturday, May 28, 2005

So much support!

Well, I have forgot to tell everyone that the Sidekick does ocasionally have downtime. Danger does have downtime which only makes the Sidekick a cell phone, and all data services are down. But besides that, there is so much supoport. The hiptop forums, see here. Also, a website that is devoted to the signal strength of the sidekick. It displays a map of the US and red dots on the states with users' that have reported an outage (http://signalstrength.org).

-- Sometimes during outages, you may be given credit toward your next bill.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

T-Mobile did a good job with the Sidekick

Yes, It's true the Sidekick is a great phone, but it isn't T-Mobile's. T-Mobile is simply the carrier the supports the Sidekick. Actually, the phone was created by Danger Inc. All data services are hosted by Danger, including AIM, Yahoo, and the Web Browser. The phone is through the T-Mobile wireless network.

And further more...it is not a sidekick. That is what T-Mobile named it. It is actually called a Hiptop. On different websites, it is referred to as a hiptop, and some people may get confused about what a hiptop it. So just remember this simple guide: hiptop = sidekick, hiptop 2 = sidekick 2.

Sidekick 1: Jump and Menu?

The following is for the Sidekick Original, and Sidekick I

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That is what the left side of the Sidekick Original, and Sidekick 1 look like. And for first timers, It is hard to know the difference between the two, and what each one does.


Jump is essentially the button to access the main menu (By "main menu," I am referring to the menu where you can go from AIM, to the phone, to the address book.) This menu is known as the "Jump" menu.


Menu is the button you hit to access the current programs menu. For example, by pressing "Menu" while on AIM, it will reveal options such as setting your away message, or signing off.

So thats just a little guide to help newbie's know about the button structure of the Sidekick, and what they do.

The Plan: "Sidekick Unlimited"

The Sidekick Unlimited Plan

To take advantage of all the great features of the sidekick, you must pay an additional monthly fee. The plan details are mentioned below:

Fee: $20.00 more per month, per line.

  • Unlimited AIM Instant Messaging (Yahoo! Messenger Downloadable from the Download Fun Catalog)
  • Unlimited Web Browsing
  • Unlimited Text Messaging
  • E-Mail Access
This plan is only available with the Sidekick. I'd say it is a fair price, considering everything it provides. So, for $59.99 per month, you can get 1000 anytime minutes with the Sidekick Unlimited plan (Terms and Conditions may apply, Only for T-Mobile Customers on an individual plan, see website for details.)

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Features Features Features!!!

"SIDEKICK" refers to the Sidekick I, and the Sidekick II

The Sidekick is probably most well known for it's features.

Aol Instant Messenger (AIM)

The sidekick has AIM built in. The AIM experience on a sidekick is very different from signing on from any other cell phone. When you sign on to AIM from the sidekick, there is no mobile device icon next to your screen name on your friends' buddy list. The only indication that you are on a cell phone (the Sidekick) is in your profile. The phrase "via Hiptop" will show in your profile, and nothing else. An example is shown below:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Also, when you sign online from a Sidekick, your entire buddylist is shown, not just 30 users from your "Mobile Device" category. The sidekick also allows you to set up custom away messages instead of a standard "I am currently Unavailable," which I think is a nice feature.

Web Browser

There is a full web browser built into the Sidekick. You may visit most websites on the internet. You may also view which websites you have already visited (your history), and set up a homepage. It's like having your web browser at home on your sidekick. I think this is a fun feature, and very low priced also (see "The Plan" page).

Full QWERTY Keyboard

Fliping out the screen of your Sidekick reveals a full QWERTY keyboard. This keyboard makes text messaging, web browsing, AIM, and Yahoo messaging so much easier than using a regular phone. You can type faster, and write longer messages with ease because of this great feature.

How to tell the difference between each model.

Some people get confused about which sidekick is waht. Some sellers on eBay even make mistakes about which product they are selling. I will now give you a guide to show consumers how to identify which sidekick is which.

Sidekick Original

This is the first sidekick to ever hit stores. It is almost exactly like the sidekick 1. This sidekick does not have a color screen. I believe the features are the same from the sidekick 1 (See "Features" section), although, there is no camera attachment for the original sidekick. I do not recall hearing much about this phone, the color version must have been released somewhat close to this one.

Sidekick I
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The sidekick 1...flip out the screen and experience color! This phone has a brilliant color screen as well as the usual features (as shown on the "Features" page). This phone also has a camera attachment option, because this version does not have a built in camera. I like the keys on this model because they are raised up a little bit and are very easy to type on. The downside about this phone is that the screen, when folded down, adds some buld to it when using it as a phone. This is a great phone for instant messengers who always want to keep in touch on the go.

Sidekick II
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The sidekick II is one of the most well known members of the sidekick family. It has all the usual features (as mentioned on the "Features" page) but the sidekick II has an embedded camera with flash. Also, this phone is different from the previously mentioned models. There are different buttons on the front of this model, and there are also new buttons to make this phone even easier to use. Also, the sidekick II is 25% thinnder than the other models, so it is easier to use while using the phone function. The phone now has two different scoll buttons on opposite sides of the front. This phone also has make/accept call button (green button) and an end button (red phone).

When looking at only the back of this phone, you could easily mistake it for a real camera, and not a cell phone. The screen doubles as a viewfinder for the camera. This phone is very popular aomong celebrities. This phone is ideal for people who want to get the most out of a phone, and for IMers who like to keep in touch while on the go.

Just a welcome.

Hey everyone,

I run this site, and as you can probably imagine, I am obsessed with the Sidekick. I don't know why, but it is just such a great phone/computer. Considering I spend most of my time on AIM, and the internet, as well as liking to talk, this is the perfect device for me. Whenever I'm bored, I find myself drawing pictures of sidekicks. They are just fun to draw. And for anyone who cares, I draw the sidekick 1. I don't really know much about the design and button location of the sidekick 2. So below are some examples of my great sidekick work. Feel free to leave comments

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com